You get to choose from woodwind, brass, string AND percussion

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The classic string instrument, usually plays the melody and sometimes used as a fiddle. Tricky to play but FUN!!


Sometimes mistaken for a violin on steroids, this viola has the dark chocolate sound you've been looking for. Parents will appreciate that it doesn't sound screechy.


Everyone loves the heroic sound of the cello. It's big, it's heavy and it is awkward to carry. However, it's the easiest on the ears for parents to listen to.

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Famous for squeaking, this instrument is played on Sponge Bob Square pants regularly. It can sound mellow and dark when played well.


This one requires a lot of focused air, but if you can blow across a coke bottle and get a clear sound, you will LOVE playing the flute. It is the quietest of the woodwinds but can play reeeally high.

Alto Saxophone

Lisa Simpson made this one popular. Often heard playing "careless whisper" and the theme from Pink Panther. Super fun to play and satisfyingly loud. 



Triumphant and declarative! This one is fun to make a lot of noise on. You might be asked to practice it outside, and down the block a ways.....


Have fun making music from "farty" sounds. This one requires long arms to play well. Arguably the most fun brass instrument:)


If you like to hit things, the percussion group of instruments is for you! However, you must learn all of the different ways to actually hit things well to make music from them.